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Ernest Batchelder established a tile studio in Pasadena, California, in 1909 and expanded until 1916. Then he built a larger factory with a new partner. The Batchelder-Wilson Company made tiles, garden pots...CLICK FOR MORE  
Bauer Pottery Starting in Louisville, Kentucky, and then flourishing in Los Angeles, California, J. A. Bauer Pottery Company created simple, yet beautiful stoneware from...CLICK FOR MORE  
Marc Bellaire was born in 1925 in Toledo, Ohio. Marc Bellaire studied at the Toledo Museum of Art while employed at the Libby Glass Company. He moved to California...CLICK FOR MORE  
Sascha Brastoff made decorative accessories, ceramics, enamels on copper, and plastics of his own design. He headed a factory, Sascha Brastoff of California, Inc., in West Los Angeles...CLICK FOR MORE  
Durlin E. Brayton made handcrafted vases, lamps, and dinnerware in a small kiln at his Laguna Beach, California, home beginning in 1927. With his wife as his partner, Brayton Laguna Pottery became a successful business...CLICK FOR MORE  
Catalina Island pottery was produced on the island of the same name, about 26 miles off the California coast. Catalina Clay Products produced mainly brick and tile for island construction, but garden pieces were also produced, and later...CLICK FOR MORE  
The California Cleminsons, George and Betty, Started their business at their El Monte, California home in 1941. The Cleminsons were so successful that they eventually expanded to a modern plant with over 150 workers. Clemenson produced...CLICK FOR MORE  
Kay Finch Ceramics began in 1939 in a studio next to Kay and Braden Finch's home in Corona del Mar. With early success Kay Finch moved to a studio and retail showroom on the Pacific Coast Highway...CLICK FOR MORE  
Florence Ceramics The Florence of Florence Ceramics Company was Florence Ward, who started the company in her Pasadena garage in 1939. After attending a ceramics class...CLICK FOR MORE    
Franciscan Ware The Franciscan Dinnerware and China Company started up in 1875 as a sewer tile manufacturer. The company expanded slowly over a period of 60 years...CLICK FOR MORE  
Freeman-McFarlin Potteries began in the mid-1940s as a partnership between Gerald McFarlin and Maynard Anthony Freeman. McFarlin was the businessman of the pair and an established...CLICK FOR MORE  
Gladding, McBean & Company, founded in 1875 by Charles Gladding, Peter McBean, and George Chambers in Lincoln, California. Gladding-McBean soon became the major manufacturer of sewer pipe west of the Mississippi. In the early 1930s...CLICK FOR MORE  
Hagen-Renaker Pottery got its start in Culver City in the early 1940's, when John and Maxine Renaker, began experimenting in their garage with various types of ceramics. When Maxine sculpted three small ducks...CLICK FOR MORE  
Haldeman Pottery was founded by Virgil and Anna Haldeman in Burbank in 1933. Previously Virgil had worked at Catalina Clay Products, specializing in glaze chemistry. Haldeman Pottery was sold under the Caliente trade-name...CLICK FOR MORE  
Brad Keeler was born in Lincoln, where his father was a ceramic engineer for the local Gladding-McBean plant. After studying art at USC,  Brad Keeler opened his own Glendale studio where he created naturalistic figures of birds and animals. These were air-brush...CLICK FOR MORE  
William Manker, fresh out of design school, began his ceramics career with Batchelder-Wilson Tile Company in 1926. In 1932 William Manker opened his own Pasadena studio and quickly attracted a following...CLICK FOR MORE  
Metlox Potteries of Manhattan Beach was founded in 1927 by T. C. Prouty and his son Willis for the making of ceramic outdoor signs. After T. C. died in 1931, Willis reorganized Metlox Potteries and moved into the manufacture of dinnerware. The first colored set, California Pottery, came out in 1931...CLICK FOR MORE  
Betty Lou Nichols first discovered ceramics at Fullerton Junior College where she was an art major. When her husband joined the military in 1940, Betty Lou Nichols moved in with her parents in La Habra and set up a small kiln in their backyard where she began to produce figural...CLICK FOR MORE  
Pacific Pottery began as Pacific Clay Products Co. in the Lincoln Heights district of Los Angeles when William Lacy brought together several potteries in the early 1920s to create the firm. The company's early products were focused on...CLICK FOR MORE  
Howard Pierce moved to California in 1935, soon finding employment in ceramic production at William Manker's Claremont plant. Howard Pierce opened his own studio in Claremont in 1941 but due to World War II...CLICK FOR MORE  
Roselane Pottery was founded in 1938 by William and Georgia Fields, working out of their Pasadena home. Roselane Pottery at first produced figurines for the local florist trade, but by the early forties their attractive figurines were finding a retail market...CLICK FOR MORE  
Hedi Schoop was an accomplished dancer in Germany, married to a well-known composer, Frederick Hollander. In 1933 Hedi Schoop and her husband fled Nazi Germany. After settling in Hollywood she began...CLICK FOR MORE  
Twin Winton Ceramics was started by twin brothers Don and Ross Winton in Pasadena in 1936. While still in high school the twins, along with partner Helen Burke, had a profitable business making and selling clay cartoon animals. In 1939 the brothers...CLICK FOR MORE  
Vernon Kilns was founded in July 1931 after Faye G. Bennison purchased Poxon China Company in Vernon, now part of Los Angeles. Vernon Kilns continued using Poxon shapes for some time before an earthquake in 1933 forced...CLICK FOR MORE  
Wallace China was founded in 1931 by Wallace B. Wood, his son Frank. and other former associates of Poxon China Company. Wallace China moved into a large factory in Huntington Park and George Poxon was hired by the company which...CLICK FOR MORE  
The Will-George Company was founded in 1934 by William and George Climes in William's Los Angeles garage. Will-George manufactured high-quality artware of porcelain and earthenware. In the late thirties their work came to the attention of actor Edgar Bergen who...CLICK FOR MORE  
Barbara Willis studied ceramics at UCLA and after graduating in 1940 opened a small studio behind the family home in Los Angeles. By 1942 Barbara Willis was producing her "Terrene Pottery," mostly vases and flower bowls, for the local...CLICK FOR MORE  
Winfield Pottery was founded in Pasadena in 1929 by Leslie Winfield Sample. With just one kiln he produced a line of distinctive art pottery and in the evenings ran the "School of Clayworking." In 1935 Winfield Pottery moved to a larger Pasadena...CLICK FOR MORE  

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